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Bulgari’s Secret Content Marketing Factory

Matt Wellschlager By Matt Wellschlager March 4, 2015

Bulgari has been pushing the boundaries of content for a long time now. We all know them as a brand that encapsulates the magic and mystique of high fashion, but how do they pair that with rich digital content to reinforce the brand’s preeminence in the modern world?

The below is an example of some of that rich interactive content Bulgari has been crafting. If you like what you see, check out the story behind the piece and see how Bulgari is making such amazing content so quickly.

So here’s the story…

Last Thursday morning, Bulgari came to the company behind their digital design platform with a challenging project: “Can you take these assets, and turn them into a dynamic, multi-media (video, sound, interactivity) nanosite that we can also make accessible via Bloomingdale’s website, and have it done by Friday afternoon?” That gave the folks behind the platform something like 12 working hours to pull a bespoke digital experience together. Needless to say this wasn’t the only thing on the team’s plate. But, without missing a beat, the team responded with a resounding “We will find a way!”

The team had two key resources at their fingertips. The first was their digital design platform. With it, they knew their design team could seamlessly assemble and layer the creative, then add in the multimedia assets, and publish it into a living digital experience without any developers.

The second key resource was the platform’s creative team. These guys build experiences for some of the world’s leading fashion brands. While most of their clients build experiences in-house with their own resources, this particular team is the best around to get awesome content out in a pinch. After a briefing Thursday morning, they were able to have the project knocked out by Friday afternoon, with time to spare for a few beers no less.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, that digital design platform is Ceros and that team is our internal Creative Services department.

We’ve always talked about how impressed we are with our clients’ ability to quickly turn around content with Ceros, but in this case, seeing is believing. It was such a treat for us to actually see a project go from idea to reality in less than 12 hours, and obviously for Bulgari as well, who needed an awesome experience, fast.

It’s no surprise that major brands all over the world are beginning to look for more succinct, dexterous solutions to their interactive content needs. When an amazing opportunity arises, having branded interactive content accessible via Bloomingdales’ website, you want to be ready to perform. The critical need to not only execute but execute quickly is growing exponentially. Bulgari’s unprecedented ability to do so is resulting in a killer content engine that is driving engagement, conversions, and sales.

Don’t miss the train. It’s moving very fast.

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