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6 Interactive Design Trends for 2016

By Ashley Taylor Anderson December 3, 2015

Here at Ceros, we’re lucky to work with thousands of talented designers who use our platform to create innovative interactive content. Based on the designs we saw this year, here are 6 trends we predict we’ll see more of in 2016.

Trend 1: Long-Scroll Single Page Designs

Long-Scroll Design

Source: Salesforce

We’ve seen a number of our clients gravitating toward single-page interactive designs instead of multi-page experiences. As mobile and tablet content consumption continues to skyrocket, we predict that this design trend will continue to grow in popularity.

Trend 2: Cinemagraphs


Source: Contently

Cinemagraphs have been the new hotness for website hero sections in 2015. In 2016, we’ll start to see designers incorporate these types of elements into interactive content as well.

Trend 3: Material Design

Material Design

Source: Maxymiser

Flat design has grown up into material design over the past year or so. This style provides added depth and realism with highlighting and shadows. Paired with animation effects, material design will help creatives bring visuals to life.

Trend 4: Diverse Type Treatments

Diverse Typography Source: Andrew Marc

With the wide variety of web fonts now available to designers, we’ll start to see more creative type treatments used in interactive content. As a result, type itself will take on graphical weight and importance in web designs.

Trend 5: Sophisticated Data Visualization

Data Visualization Source: Red Bull

Say sayonara to boring bar graphs. In 2016, designers will begin to get more creative with data visualization and really use the power of interactivity to ground quantitative stats in tangible meaning.

Trend 6: Organic Layouts

Organic Page Layout Source: Dallas Cowboys

With interactive design, there’s no need to follow a standard grid layout. This allows for a more organic, free-form mix of text, visuals, and multimedia that provides visual interest and originality.

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