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23 Essential How-To Articles for Content Marketers

By Ashley Taylor Anderson September 22, 2015

Content marketing, like any type of “maker” activity, is a craft.

In order to get really good at it, you have to study, practice, make mistakes, and push yourself to try new things. It’s a job that always requires learning, experimentation, and adaptation—one of the many things I love about it.

I find myself constantly hunting for new insights and sources of inspiration to help me continue to grow as a content marketer, and my guess is that you do the same thing. There’s no lack of content marketing resources out there on the web, but the quality can often be questionable.

That’s why I wanted to share these 23 helpful articles that encapsulate the collective knowledge of the Ceros team. They’re designed to help you hone every aspect of your content marketing craft, from strategy to execution to promotion and analysis.

Before you get to the good stuff. I’d love to hear what your favorite content marketing how-to article is. Share it in the comments below!

Marketing Strategy

It’s all too easy to get pulled into the weeds of content creation. These articles will help you step back and focus on strategy.

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan that Doesn’t Suck

5 Marketing Strategies for Small, Scrappy Content Teams

JamBrands: The Grateful Dead’s Surprisingly Modern Content Strategy

6 Marketing Objectives for Modern Content Programs

Thought Leaders on How to Build a Marketing Plan


Great writing can help you create an authentic voice for your brand and keep readers coming back for more.

7 Ways to Become a Better Content Writer

Quality Content Writing: How It Looks and Why It Matters

7 Interactive Content Writing Tips for Marketers

Content Creation

Create the best possible content you can with these practical tips.

Mobile & Social Content

How to Create Content for Mobile Marketing

7 Reasons Retail Brands Can’t Ignore Mobile Marketing

The Missing Ingredient in Your Social Media Marketing Recipe

Me, My Selfies and I: Leveraging UGC to Convert Selfies into Sales

Interactive Content

13 Key Components of Killer Interactive Content

5 Things NOT to Do When Creating an Interactive eBook

How to Create an Engaging Interactive Infographic

How to Build an Engaging Interactive Microsite

Interactive Content for Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

Interactive Content for Retail Marketing: Lookbooks and Banners

Content Distribution

Get as much exposure for your content as possible with these distribution ideas.

12 Blog Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Reach

5 Social Marketing Tactics for Content Distribution

Achieving Reach For Your Content

Performance Tracking

Learn how to analyze your content’s performance so you can adjust your content approach for maximum returns.

7 Metrics to Unlock Interactive Content Performance

6 Engagement Metrics that Matter for Retail Marketing Content

Brand Storytelling eBook

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