Letter Spacing

June Release 5.55: Single Sign-On, Letter Spacing and Animation Easing

This month we have a special release that comes to you from Beaver Creek, Colorado. Our remote team gets together three times a year and it has become an established tradition to reunite as colleagues and as friends for a week of extra fun and extra focused work. The ideas we generate and the progress we make at Meet Up continuously push our team to the next milestone and help fuel our roadmap for the year.

Here’s a look at what we accomplished at Meetup…

Single Sign-On

Ceros now supports both password authentication and enterprise SSO using identity standards: LDAP, SAML, and OAuth. Contact your Account Manager to have SSO setup for your account.

Once you have SSO enabled you will have passwordless login with Ceros. When entering your username/email Ceros will recognize your domain and the password field will disappear.

SSO - Single Sign-on

Letter Spacing

Great for big headlines or CTAs. Letter spacing works with all fonts (whether you’ve uploaded your own or used Google fonts in the studio) and can be adjusted for an entire paragraph, a single word, or between specific characters. Traditionally called Tracking and Kerning for words and characters, we’ve consolidated the function into one field called Letter Spacing.

In the studio, select a text component and double-click to enter text edit mode. Highlight a selection of text and then locate the Letter Spacing field in the top toolbar or within the Typography tab of your Inspector Panel.

Letter Spacing

Animation Easing

Choose from five new easing options. Previously each Ceros animation had ease in & out on by default, but now we’re turning the control over to you so you can get exactly the effect you want.

Easing is an animation technique that lets objects realistically accelerate or slow down. To find the new option, select an object to animate and navigate to the Animation tab of your Inspector panel. Select an animation from the animation dropdown, below you will see another dropdown with easing options.

Animation Easing

Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • Analytics Links from the Admin: a new icon links directly to a Project or Experience’s analytics from the Project view in the admin
  • Multiple ‘On View > Show’ Interactions with Different Delays: a bug caused these interactions to all show at the same time, instead of at the specified delay time