Release 5.23 – Support & Performance

Ceros 5.23 is designed to handle tons of traffic, increase rollover potential and get you answers faster than ever. Think of us like your own personal pit crew keeping you on the track for millions of fans.

New Support Site

The Ceros Academy is all-new and fully integrated into the Studio and Admin.

Find Answers Fast

Whenever you’ve got a question, just click the blue “Talk to Us” button and start typing. We’ll automagically find articles that best match your question. If none of those work, just click a button to connect with a Ceros expert.

Support Site content has been freshly updated to provide you with the most accurate information.

Please take note that contents have shifted during transport. If you’re looking for an old article, finding the new version is as easy as typing in the search box.

Got an Idea? Share it!

The new Support Site is also home to our Ideas Forum. This is where you get to tell us how to make your life easier. You also get to vote on suggestions from other users and follow progress to see when an idea goes public.

Note: Some internet service providers update their records faster than others. If you get an error or security message going to the new site, check to make sure there’s no ‘s’ in the http://.

As always, you can also email with any questions.

Interactions Panel Update

Speaking of making your life easier, we’ve made a couple improvements to the Interactions Panel.

First, we added a scrollbar for applying actions to large numbers of layers. This keeps the save button from getting pushed off the screen.

Next, we added support for multi-layer rollovers. Now you can select multiple layers to be triggered by one rollover button.

High Availability Player (HAP)

You’re going to feel pretty HAPpy about this one. (Tip your waitresses. I’ll be here all week.)

We’ve seriously increased the capacity of the Ceros Player by adding more servers and load balancing technology to handle huge traffic spikes. We’re talking millions of visits at the same time.

So, go ahead. Promote your Ceros content. We’ve got your back.

Resolved Issues

  • No more 404 errors when uploading or publishing content.
  • Updated video player switches to Flash version for Internet Explorer 8.
  • Ceros branding no longer interferes with content on small mobile embeds.