Release 5.22 – We Have Seen the Light!

Released November 13th, 2014. Ceros 5.22 introduces the ability to display content from external sources right in your experience.


Ceros Lightboxes* make it easy to add YouTube videos, social media feeds and other external content to your Ceros experience without having to hack the system or bug your developers.

The video above shows you step-by-step how to use lightboxes. For the quick version, read on.

Adding lightbox content is a snap. Choose Open URL in Lightbox from the Interactions Panel, paste in a URL, add dimensions and you’re done.

If you’re familiar with Ceros Commerce Panels, don’t worry. Those aren’t going away. In fact, they’re still the go-to choice for adding templated product pages to your experience.

Lightboxes are infinitely more flexible, though, with unlimited content sources and panel sizes. You can add online polls, dynamic news feeds, Vimeo movies… the sky’s the limit.

Check out this demo experience to see lightboxes in action.

*Lightboxes are a premium feature with the Ceros Commerce SDK upgrade. If you’re not already subscribed, contact your account manager and they’ll be glad to help.

More Improvements in Release 5.22

  • 2 New Fonts: Satisfy and Special Elite have been added to the Ceros Font Library.
  • Default Background Color is now white on new experiences.
  • Fixed a bug where checking the “equal” button for text padding when the four inputs were not equal didn’t actually make them equal.
  • Spinners Removed from Commerce and Lightbox panels.
  • Improved Panel Speeds: Now your product pages and external content loads even faster.