Release 5.05

Released Tuesday, April 30th, 2013. Video autoplay. Share actions. Transparent PNG support in IE.

Active Tool

In the Studio when selecting a shape, line, or hotspot tool, the tool remains active until de-selected, users can (where applicable) add:

  • actions and animations to the objects,
  • change the size in the Metrics Tab,
  • change the fill type, border size, corner radius (all & individually), opacity and shadows

This allows users to create multiple objects on the canvas without the need to constantly re-select the same tool, making creating content more efficient. Press ‘V’ to switch to the select tool when finished.

Native App video improvements

Phone video playback has been enhanced in the following ways to bring parity with the existing playback behavior on iPad:

  • Videos play in place on the page rather than going full screen
  • Videos play in-line by default

Autoplay setting for videos

In the Studio, there is now the option to add Autoplay to videos in the Custom Inspector tab, giving designers the ability to play a video automatically on show layer action. This way, a designer can put a video in a hidden layer, adding a button “Click to play video”, which would show the layer and automatically play the video.

Black iOS gutters

End users will now experience black gutters on mobile browsers and native iOS applications, so that their experience is not diminished by non-brand colors. In addition the home screen, the loading spinner overlays on home screen (“Checking for New Issues”), and pages, all inherit the black background as well.

Additional Actions

Designers will now be able to assign more actions from the Actions dropdown in the inspector panel.

  • Share actions – These new share actions will allow designers to create a more branded experience (available for the native app in the next iOS release (v1.3) coming soon).
    • Share to Facebook
    • Pin to Pinterest
      • Note: Pinterest is unavailable for the previewer. The previewer does not create publically accessible thumbnails, therefore there is no image to Pin
    • Tweet on Twitter
    • Email to a friend
  • Library action – Designers now have a “Show Library” Action dropdown option. The “Show Library” action allows users to design navigation to past experiences.

Transparent PNG support in IE

There is now greater parity between IE (8 & 9) and Safari, Chrome & Firefox.

  • The fade animation now works for transparent PNGs in IE8 & IE9.
  • PNGs that contain an element of transparency now render correctly.
  • Fully transparent PNGs now render correctly.

Remove Webview

The webview icon has been removed from the toolbar. Any current webviews that are in place will continue to work, however the ability to add any new webviews has been deprecated. They will be re-introduced along with better support for custom components at a future date.

Upload objects to a precise location in a layer

Designers now have the ability to upload an object to a precise location in the layer order. New objects can now be created or pasted into invisible layers without prompting the user to make the layer visible. When selected, invisible objects show the bounding box on the canvas, improving user experience. The following hierarchy will be used to determine where a new object is added in the layers panel.

  • Nothing Selected – New object is placed at the top of the highest visible layer
  • Layer Selected – New object is placed at the top of the selected layer
  • Object Selected – New object is placed directly above the selected object
  • Multiple Objects Selected – New object is placed directly above the highest selected object

Resolved Issues

  • Lost connection notification – A Studio user is notified when connection is offline.
  • Chrome/Windows product panel display – The product panel now has the correct styling in Chrome 26 on Windows 7.
  • IE8 Solid colour fill default – IE8 now recognises the default white fill for a solid color in the Previewer.
  • Product panel SKU encode – Product SKU that contains certain characters, such as slashes, is correctly encoded.