Release 5.03 – Real-time Preview & Hotspots

Released Tuesday, March 12, 2013. In continuing to build upon the recent upgrades to the Ceros 5 “Fusion” product, release 5.3 contains tools which will make your life better.

Real-time Preview

Changes made in the studio now instantly update all browsers which have the previewer open to that page.

Hotspot Tool

The new hotspot tool allows you to create clickable areas in next to no time. Easily seen on your canvas but not in the previewer, hotspots are great for toggling layers, navigating pages and much more. Initially appearing as grey rectangles, they will change to a light blue after being assigned an action.  Should you desire to hide the hotspots on your canvas, simply hold the Ctrl key and they disappear.

Product Panel Loading Spinner

Consumers will now see a spinner to indicate a product panel is loading, to alleviate fears from consumers that a product panel has timed out or is not operating properly.

Video Play Button For Mobile

Videos now show a play button across all mobile devices, for browser and native apps alike. This brings the mobile experience and the desktop experience one step closer together.

Resolved Issues

  • Users will now see the new features from a release automatically, without having to empty their Cache.
  • A fix was implemented for a bug which would disallow actions on items which had objects containing animations applied on top, if a page was navigated into via a Go To Page action.
  • Fixed a bug where uploading a poster frame for a video would often not complete.
  • Video play button will no longer show up on top of all other layers, instead of just on top of the video itself.
  • A fix was implemented for a bug in which keylines (light borders) would appear around objects when the default browser zoom was changed in Firefox.