Ceros Release 5.46

September Release 5.46: Platform Performance Enhancements

Since we last touched base, the product team has been laboring over some ongoing backend improvements. They’re already positively impacting our platform’s performance, security, and stability, and will contribute to even positive changes in the coming months!

Additionally, we’ve rolled out a number of Studio enhancements and platform improvements you can see with your own eyes. Read on to explore the latest updates.

Studio Enhancements

At Ceros, we spend a lot of time working in the Studio. We know you spend a lot of time in it, too. That’s why we’re excited to roll out a bunch of (we admit, overdue) enhancements that will make working in the Studio more efficient and enjoyable for all of us.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The theme bar is now off by default, because 99.9% of Experiences don’t use it.
  • You can add a new page after a selected page—hooray!
  • You can add new layers above a selected layer—double hooray!
  • You can select and replace video. The replacement video will take the width dimensions of the original video, with the height scaled according to the aspect ratio of the new file.
  • You can replace a selected image using the shortcut Command / Control D.

Additional Platform Improvements

  • Layers Panel Dragging: Before, when you dragged a layer up or down in the Layers Panel to reposition it, it would animate in a laggy way that made it hard to see where the layer actually was being placed. Now, it drags more smoothly and remains visible.
  • Text Box Styling: Before, if you deleted all the text in a Text Box, the styling would reset to the default. Likewise, if you deleted characters with a custom style applied to them, they would take the style of the previous characters instead of the ones you deleted. Weird, right? Now, when you delete characters, the styling applied to the deleted characters will remain in effect. If you delete text with multiple styles, the first style will apply to new text.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via the chat widget in the Studio any time.