Release 5.44

August Release 5.44: Hotspot Path Tool & Performance Optimization

For the second time in Ceros history, we had the entire team all in on the same spacetime continuum here in NYC! Our developers had a great time testing our latest round of features together in person. Read on to see what’s the team has been up to over the past 4 weeks.

Hotspot Path Tool

Rectangles are just too… quadrilateral. With our new Hotspot Path Tool, you can draw hotspots with custom paths, including Bézier curves. This opens the door to a lot more creative (and flexible) hotspot shapes!

Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming

Before this release, if your network quality or speed degraded, videos would simply stop playing. They would also flicker before each initial play. That was a bit 2005 of us… but as of today, we support adaptive bitrate video streaming!

What does adaptive bitrate mean? It refers to video playback that adapts to changing network quality and speeds. Rather than downloading a full video file at a single quality level, the video is downloaded in smaller segments at various qualities. If the viewer’s network connection degrades, a lower-resolution segment of the video will be played until network quality improves. Not only does this provide a better user experience—it also means that videos load faster and require less overall bandwidth.

Important Note: Because adaptive bitrate streaming loads segments of varying quality, this adaptive bitrate streaming is only possible on videos uploaded after this release. So if you have an existing Experience you want to optimize, you’ll need to re-upload your video content so it can be processed the right way.

Scrolling Optimization

In the past, you may have noticed some scrolling glitches on retina devices for published Experiences with tons of animations. We noticed, too! This release, we made some backend event tracking adjustments to improve the scrolling performance of tall experiences with animations. Now that annoying flicker at the top and bottom doesn’t happen.

Studio Security Improvements

The internet can be a scary place sometimes. In order to protect our users, we recently fortified our API security against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). This exploit technique involves tricking an authenticated user (that’s you) into running an attacker’s code against a host server (that’s us). We’ve never had an issue with these kinds of attacks before… but now, we never will.

Optimized Analytics Events

Data is helpful… unless you’re overloaded by it. Our backend was getting flooded with a ton of redundant analytic events for page dwell time and video progress, so we improved the efficiency of how we send them. Now, these events are combined and only sent once every five seconds at a smaller size. This should help reduce the load on the browser, which in turn will improve loading.

Additional Platform Improvements

  • UHD/4K Video Uploads: Videos with a resolution greater than HD were experiencing upload errors. They’ll now be down-converted to HD resolution to avoid errors.
  • Font Explorer Dialog Fails to Load: At certain screen sizes, the Font Explorer window wouldn’t show any fonts. This was the result of a Google Font API change. We’ve now updated our code to accommodate the change.
  • Password Reset for Non-existent Accounts: Before, if someone tried to retrieve an email for a non-existent account, there was a message that indicated the user didn’t exist. For security purposes, our message is now more generic.
  • Hotspot Fill Bug: The expected fill for hotspots in Studio should be parallel diagonal lines—which weren’t appearing due to a bug. We squashed the bug, and the lines are back.
  • Font Kerning Issue: A handful of Google fonts were causing first lines to not be left-aligned with the other lines in the paragraph. Now this kerning issue has been resolved.

Share Your Feedback

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