Release 5.42: Integrations Panel, SDK Updates, and More

This sprint very busy for the product team. Not only did they knock out some great features for you to use right now—they also made a number of backend improvements to support our forthcoming analytics dashboard overhaul and additional third-party integrations. See what the team has been up to during the past 4 weeks!

Integrations Panel

With our shiny new Integrations Panel, you can now apply global Google Analytics and Eloqua tagging to all of your Experiences. We’ll be adding additional integrations to this interface in the near future, including Marketo, Google Tag Manager, and more!

Account-Level Integrations

Already have tagging in place, or want to override tagging on a specific Experience? You have full control over how your existing Experience get updated, and the ability to change settings on a specific Experience from the Projects folder.

Settings Panel

You can learn more about how to use the new Integrations Panel (and which tracking you still have to enter in the Studio) in this new how-to article.

New SDK Commands

We’ve added a bunch of new commands to our Software Development Kit (SDK) that allow you to:

  • Replace and revert images in an Experience on the fly
  • Identify a unique user and be able to serve different content on return visit
  • Navigate the structure of your published Experiences more easily using code
  • Retrieve text from any text component
  • And other cool stuff!

If you’re a developer, you can check out our SDK Commands articles for technical details.

Analytics Updates

We’ve had our mind on analytics and analytics on our mind for the past few sprints. In addition to a bunch of backend infrastructure changes, we’ve changed the way that we track two key metrics in Ceros: video plays and unique visitors.

Video Tracking

We’ve made some changes to our tracking to improve the accuracy of video play counts reported in our Analytics Dashboard. Additionally, we’re now also tracking:

  • Percentage of video watched
  • Total time spent on video
  • Most-watched segments within a video
  • Individual user video plays

While this data isn’t yet being reported in the Admin, we’re planning to add it to our MegaAwesomeDashboard rolling out later this year. In the meantime, we’re happy to run a custom report for you—just ask your account manager.

Visitor Tracking

Our previous analytics system was very restrictive in terms of reporting by day, which meant that unique visitor counts over a multi-day period of time were somewhat inaccurate. Now that we’re hosting our own database, the information reported in our Analytics Dashboard is totally on point, and should be more aligned with what you see in other systems.

Curious to know just how we calculate our metrics? This article dives into the nitty gritty.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • New Hotspot Icon in Layers Panel: We’ve added a little hotspot icon to the Layers Panel so it’s easier to locate hotspot objects in the Studio.
  • Shadows Bug Fix: Before, when you applied a shadow to a transparent PNG or GIF in the Studio, the shadow would be applied around the transparent background instead of around the object. Now, shadows work as expected, adding dimension to your objects.
  • Swipe Toggle Fix: Currently, you can still swipe between pages on mobile, even if the arrows are turned off. Now, we have a new toggle under Settings that allows you to turn swiping off and on.
  • Smart Group Show Interaction Bug: Due to mischievous code gremlins, there was a strange bug happening inside smart groups with interactions and hidden objects in which hidden animated objects still showed. Now, we’ve fixed the bug so animated hidden objects remain hidden until the user clicks or hovers to reveal the hidden object.

Share Your Feedback

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