Release 5.19: Gettin’ Loopy with Animations & Video

Released July 28th, 2014. Ceros 5.19 includes support for repeating groups of animations and improved performance for video playback.

Animation Loops

Animating in Ceros just got a lot more fun! Now you can choose to repeat the entire group of animations on each object.

Check out the Summer Sale animation in the experience above. Notice how it enters, dances around and exits? Then it does it all over again. Click around to play with it.


To repeat animation groups, just add two or three animations to an object. Then check the box that says “Repeat Entire Animation Sequence.”

Scranimation Replay

Back in Release 5.16, we introduced Scranimations. This nifty little feature makes your animations wait until the user scrolls to their spot to begin playing. And there was great rejoicing!

Amidst all that celebration, you told us it would also be awesome if you could control whether the top section animations replayed when the user scrolled back up. It’s pretty cool that they do it automatically, but sometimes you just want it to play once.

Now it’s your choice. If you want it to play every time, just check the Replay box. If not, leave it blank.

Improved Video Performance

It’s super exciting to see all the creative ways people use videos in Ceros. We’ve seen them used as backgrounds, lookbook pages and even animated in layer by layer for special effects.

To make sure your creativity is rewarded, we focused our attention to delivering outstanding video playback across browsers and devices.

Here are a few things we updated:

  • Videos loop seamlessly in all browsers without showing the poster image between plays.
  • Completed videos automatically rewind so you don’t see the final frame on the next playback.
  • Manually played videos keep playing when you scroll off screen.
  • Responsive Video Controls. The video control bar now progressively shows

Additional Updates

  • Facebook Image: First page thumbnail image is now shown in Facebook sharing.
  • New updated infrastructural software on application servers.

BTW, it’s okay if you don’t know what that last thing is. It just means Ceros runs faster and performs better on more devices than ever before.