Ceros Release 5.45

October Release 5.47: Analytics Enhancements and More

After an insanely long, grueling, 11-hour code deployment this weekend that involved lots of complex migrations and other behind-the-scenes magic, the product team is very happy to share what’s new this release.

While you read, we’re going to go take a little nap… Thankzzzzzz.

Shareable Analytics URLs

Have you ever tried to share a Ceros report with your boss or a colleague? Yeah… us too.

Before this release, there was no way to link to a specific data set because all of our analytics data was stored under a single URL. This made it impossible to share a specific dashboard or report with someone, womp womp.

Ceros Analytics Before

Now, each search query returns a unique URL that you can share with other team members who have a Ceros login. Hooray!

Ceros Analytics Shareable URLs

Standalone vs. Embedded Referral Analytics

We embed a lot of Experiences, and so do all of you. This caused a lot of confusion in our Referral URL analytics data, since the top referring domains were always those where the piece was hosted. Not very helpful information.

Now, we break out referrers by standalone and embedded sources so you can see which sources are driving traffic in which format.

Standalone vs Embedded Experience Analytics

Google Font Rendering in Chrome

A few months ago, we found a super irksome bug in Chrome that made Google Fonts look blurry at certain screen sizes. We were annoyed. You were annoyed.

Now, after a ton of research and coding wizardry, everything renders crisp and sharp, like it’s supposed to.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: We added 2 new shortcuts to make it easier to work in the Layers panel. Command-bracket moves layers up and down, and Command-option moves you to the top or bottom layer. You can use these shortcuts on individual layers, or on multiple selected layers.
  • Security Updates: We’ve made a number of security improvements on the backend to ensure your data and content are safe from nefarious hackers and other digital reprobates.
  • Selection Mode Default: After choosing a tool in the Studio, your mouse will revert back to selection mode instead of staying on the tool you just used. Such a big time saver!
  • Video Pixelation: On Safari, there was a bug that forced the browser to play the lowest quality video variant. Going forward, our platform will use HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) to deliver the best quality video variant across all browsers and connection speeds.
  • Opacity Override: Before, if you changed the opacity of one object, and then selected a different object, the second object’s opacity would drop down to 1. This doesn’t happen any more.
  • Image Variant Creation: When some image variants were created on the backend, the system encountered errors and never created smaller versions. Now, smaller variant images will be created consistently for all images to reduce load times on slower connections and mobile devices.
  • Broken Images: Previously, if an image broke during upload (because a connection dropped or a page refresh occurred), the Experience would throw an error. Now, instead of showing scary messages, the image will appear broken on the canvas, and won’t appear in copies of the Experience.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via the chat widget in the Studio any time.