November Release 5.35: Studio Efficiency Enhancements

This November, we’d like to show how thankful we are for all of our users. To that effect, we rolled out a bunch of new Studio enhancements that will make working in Ceros more efficient than ever. Check out the details below, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Copy Animation Effects

Copy Animations in Ceros

You can now used the hotkey Option-Command-C on Mac or Control-Alt-C on Windows to copy animation effects from one object and Option-Command-V on Mac or Control-Alt-V on Windows to paste them onto any other object on the canvas. Copying animation effects will overwrite any existing effects applied to the receiving object.

Dynamic Text Resizing

Dynamic Text Resizing

When you Command-Shift on Mac or Control-Shift on Windows and drag a text box, it will auto-resize your font, line height, padding, and column margins to emulate the original text box layout.

Select All Objects in Layer

Select All Objects in Layer

To select all of the objects in a given layer, you can now Option-Click on a Mac or Alt-Click on Windows on any layer in the Layer Panel instead of clicking and dragging on the canvas instead or shift-clicking multiple objects.

Repeating On-View Interaction Triggers

Repeat Interaction Effects

From the inspector panel, you can now select whether you want an interaction trigger to happen once or repeatedly on view.

Object Highlighting within Layer Panel

Object Highlight in Layer Panel

Highlights layer in layer panel in blue (on the left) when you select an object. Works for multiple objects.

Canvas Location Hotkeys

In order to make navigating around the canvas easier, we’ve added 4 new hotkeys:

  • Command/Control-Down Arrow takes you to the bottom of the canvas.
  • Command/Control-Up Arrow takes you to the top of the canvas.
  • Command/Control-Right Arrow takes you to the right edge of the canvas.
  • Command/Control-Left Arrow takes you to the left edge of the canvas.

Icon Explorer Infinite Scroll

When browsing or searching for icons in Icon Explorer, you’ll now see an infinite scroll of icon options instead of just the first 40 results.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features above, we also made a bunch of additional platform enhancement this release, including:

  • Font Explorer Multiword Search: The search feature within Font Explorer didn’t recognize spaces in queries before. Now it does.
  • Default Meta Description: If you don’t input your own meta description, there’s now a default description in place to help with SEO.
  • Find in Admin: If you’re on your Projects or Experiences page, just start typing and you’ll automatically be dropped into the search box. Escape takes you out of search mode.
  • Redesigned Login and Password Reset Pages: We’ve refreshed the design and functionality of our login and password reset pages to improve usability.
  • Text Delete Bug: Sometimes, a script error would occur if you copied and pasted a text component between experiences. This error is now resolved.
  • Hotspot Animation Bug: When you applied an animation effect to a hotspot, the hotspot would show up on the live Experience as a white rectangle. Hotspots now remain visible when you apply animation effects to them.
  • Drag and Drop Media: If you drag and drop media onto the canvas that isn’t the right format, the system will throw an error instead of just not uploading the file.
  • Video Uploading Bug: When you upload a video file, the filename and poster image sections of the Inspector Panel are greyed out until the video is done processing. After it’s done, you’ll be able to edit the video file and poster image without having to click off the video and click back onto it again.
  • Theme Color Modal Bug: Previously, if you opened the color modal within the Theme settings section and hit escape, it would close both the color modal and the theme modal. Now, the Theme modal stays open so you can make additional adjustments.
  • X/Y Coordinate Bug: Previously, the X/Y coordinate would be set to the last place you clicked on the canvas. Now, it correctly is set just below the tip of your cursor.

Share Your Feedback

Have a great idea for a new feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.