Ceros Release 5.41

May Release 5.41: Studio Enhancements + Future Features

April 2016 marked a momentous moment in Ceros history: All 12 of our product team members converged in one place, at one time, for an in-person meetup!

Ceros Product Team

During the week, our team was able to plan and research some substantial, multi-sprint features, as well as knock out a bunch of smaller improvements to the platform.

Let’s dive in and explore what’s new this release.

Coming Soon

  • Account-Level Integrations: Next release, we’ll be rolling out an account-level integrations module that allows you to apply analytics or marketing automation tracking across all of your untagged Experiences.
  • Additional Marketing Automation Integrations: We’re working on a more robust page-level integration with Marketo and HubSpot, to roll out soon.
  • New Analytics Dashboards: We’ve been doing a TON of research around what data we should be presenting, and how, in our Analytics panel. We still have a lot of decisions to make, but rest assured, our future dashboards are going to be off the hook.

New Releases

In addition to the meaty new features we’ve been working on, here are a plethora of smaller enhancements and bug fixes available for your immediate enjoyment.

Show Objects Outside Canvas

View object outside canvas

Before, when you dragged an object outside of the canvas, it kind of went into a black hole. Now you can see all of the components you have off the canvas. If you don’t want to see them, you can always hide them using the toggle in the top menu.

Optimized Loading Default

Optimized Loading Default

Remember a couple of months ago when we released the optimized loading? This option will now be checked by default to provide the best load performance across devices. But don’t stress—you can always uncheck it if you want to.

Smart Group Naming

Before, when you created a Smart Group, it would be given the generally unhelpful name “New Smart Group,” Now, your Smart Group will take the name of the top layer or object in your group.

Experience URL Updates

We’ve made two helpful updates to Experience URL naming this sprint:

  1. When you copy an Experience, the URL of the copied version will take the URL of the original Experience and append a -1 to the end instead of taking the name of the Experience itself as the slug.
  2. When you delete an Experience, it’s previous URL will become available again for usage.

Fade Out Animation Bug Fix

Before, if an object had a “fade out” animation applied, the object would visually fade out, but functionally still remain within the Experience, which sometimes blocked other objects beneath it and required a second animation to move it out of the way. Now, the fade out animation effect actually fades the out of the way, as expected.

Moving Rotated Text Bug Fix

Before, when you rotated a text component and then tried to move it, it would keep rotating the text instead of moving. This bug has been resolved.

Studio Status Bar Update

The previous version of the Status Bar in the Studio had information that was spread out and confusing. Now, everything is organized in the bottom left and named appropriately so you can tell what’s what:

Status Bar

Anchor Bug Fix

Before, if you had the anchor tool selected, clicked on another object in the top menu, and then tried to click a submenu option, you’d create another anchor. Now, the anchor tool is toggled off when you select another menu option.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.