March Product Release 5.39: Standalone SDK

This month, we’re helping you unlock creativity with our standalone software development kit (SDK) and more! Read on to explore what’s new.

Standalone SDK

Our new standalone SDK allows developers to customize the behavior and appearance of Ceros Experiences using code, without having to embed content on your site.

What can you do with the Standalone SDK? Here are just a few of the use cases we’ve been testing on our end:

  • Personalize text using information from CRM, marketing automation, and other contact databases.
  • Track granular activity within Ceros content and record it at the contact level in your marketing automation platform.
  • Create a dynamic sound board with logic-based click events.
  • Build gamified Experiences, including matching games, level-based games, and RPGs.
  • Create personality quizzes and other content using branching logic.
  • And more.

The Standalone SDK is available as an upgrade option, so talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in learning more. We’re excited to see the creative ways you put this feature to use in the coming months!

Custom Canonical URls

Custom Canonical URL

Last month, we rolled out default canonical URLs for multipage Experiences to help with search rankings, which assigns all of the SEO juice from other pages in an Experience to the first page.

Now, you can set a custom canonical URL for every Ceros Experience you create. This is extremely useful if you:

  • Have multiple vanity domains you’re using for Ceros content and want to be able to assign your SEO juice to a specific one.
  • Have an embedded Experience on a host page that you want to receive credit for your indexed Ceros content.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Video upload canvas dimensions: Before, when you dragged a video onto the canvas, it would drop the file in at a small default dimension that you’d then have to upsize. Now when you drag a video onto the canvas, it will upload at its native size.
  • Clipped Google Fonts: Certain Google fonts with very tall or wide letters were getting clipped without additional padding placed around them. Now, there’s no clipping in default text boxes.
  • Guide toggle lock: Before, if you hid guides in the Studio, you were unable to drag in a new guide. Now, you can drag in a new guide and view your original guides without having to toggle them on.
  • Drag select color picker bug: Previously, if you dragged to select shapes on the canvas, you could use the top toolbar color picker to change their color. This issue has been fixed.
  • Color picker error: The color picker in the top toolbar had no pure white option before. You can now choose #FFFFFF from this menu.
  • Smart Group vector image editing: When trying to resize or rotate a vector image inside a Smart Group, the Studio would throw an error because of broken rendering logic broke. We’ve adjusted the logic so that this error no longer occurs.
  • Default vanity domain Experience: If you have a vanity domain you use for your Ceros content, you may have noticed that there was a default Experience being shown at the root level ( on your domain. This content has been removed for now. We’re working on a long-term solution that will let you choose your own content to display at the root level instead.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.