Release 5.34

July Release 5.43: Marketo/GTM Integrations and More

It’s officially summer here in the States, but don’t worry—all that sunshine and fresh air haven’t distracted our product team from getting a lot of great work done!

Here’s a quick recap of what the team has been up to over the past month.

New Integrations: Marketo and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Marketo GTM Integration

We’ve added out-of-the-box Marketo and Google Tag Manager (GTM) integrations to the Integrations Panel we launched last release! You can now drop in your Marketo Munchkin or GTM Container ID at the account level to apply across all of your Experiences.

Our Marketo integration passes through Ceros URLs and individual pages viewed at the individual Contact level.

Our Google Tag Manager plugin allows you to apply your third-party integrations and goals set up within GTM across all of your Experiences.

Please note that both of these integrations require SDK access. If you’re interesting in learning more about our Software Development Kit, what you can do with it, and how much it costs, contact your Account Manager.

Power Toggle Plugin

Power Toggle Plugin

We have a new power toggle plugin (affectionately called The Highlander by our product team) that allows you to set interaction effects that show one layer while hiding others in a specified group. (“There can be only one!”) This drastically reduces the amount of design time required to show/hide layers.

Note that this plugin is only available to clients with SDK access. Hit up your Account Manager for details.

Google Fonts & jQuery Export

Our code export feature allows you to export all of your Ceros code to host on your own servers. Now, you can also export and host your own version of Google Fonts & jQuery so that your content uses no third-party libraries or assets.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • SDK setText Color: When replacing text using the SDK, the color of the original text object was not retained. Now, the new text will retain the color of the original text object. If there are multiple colors used within a single text object, the new text will take the color of the first color in the object.
  • Special Character Support: Sometimes, if you used special characters within a text object, the text would break because it read those characters as part of the HTML. Now, our text objects are smart enough not to get confused by ampersands, brackets, and the like.
  • Sticky Rollovers: We were encountering an issue with sticky objects where items with a rollover effect would get stuck with the rollover exposed. This issue has been resolved.

Coming Soon to Ceros

  • Pinch & Zoom: Ceros content will soon be pinchable and zoomable on touchscreen devices.
  • Mobile Variant Creator: We’re actively testing a mobile variant creator, which will automatically build a version of any desktop Experience resized for mobile devices. This will drastically reduce the build time needed for mobile variants.
  • Commenting: We’re also prototyping out a commenting system that allows stakeholders to make comments on preliminary builds in Ceros.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.