January Release 5.37: New Year’s Platform Improvements

Over the past month, our product team spent the bulk of their time laying the groundwork for some major new features we can’t quite talk about yet (but trust me, they’re awesome!).

In addition to these larger initiatives, we were also able to make a number of platform improvements to start 2016 off strong. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates.

New Duplicate Hotkey in Studio

In the Studio, you can now duplicate content on the Canvas using the shortcut Command + Option + J (Control + Option + J on Windows) or Option + click + drag (Alt + click + drag on Windows). These hotkeys work on single objects, multiple objects, and even Smart Groups.

Additional Platform Optimizations

  • Embedded Experience Share URLs: Previously, when you created a social share link within a long (overheight) embedded Experience, height parameters would be appended to the end of each URL. Now this doesn’t happen.
  • Font Style Copy/Paste: If you’ve applied font and styling changes to a text box, those changes will now remain when you copy and paste that text box instead of reverting back to the default font and style.
  • Smart Group with Interactions Error: Before, when you selected all objects on a page that included a Smart Group with an interaction effect applied, when you copied and pasted the content, an error would occur in the Studio. This error no longer occurs.
  • Embedded Experience JavaScript Conflict: Prior to this release, when you embedded a long (overheight) Experience into a web page with JavaScript on it, you might see a number of error messages in the console. Those conflicts have now been resolved.
  • Published Experience Hosting: We migrated our published Experiences to a new hosting service that caches content at endpoints around the globe. For content consumers on slow internet connections or viewers located outside the U.S., load times will now be faster.

Share Your Feedback

Have a great idea for a new feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.