February Release 5.38: Analytics & SEO Updates

Our product team devoted their time to some major initiatives this February, including a complete revamp of our tracking and analytics suite (coming soon!). In addition to making progress on these big projects, they were also able to roll out some bug fixes and optimizations in our latest release. Read on for the details.

Canonical URLs

Previously, every page of a standalone Ceros Experience would be indexed separately by Google and other search engines. This is less than ideal when you’re trying to get a specific piece of content to rank for particular keywords.

Now, every Experience will be assigned a default canonical URL so that all of the content within the piece will count toward one search ranking. This will make it easier for multipage Ceros content to rank for specific keywords.

Canonical URLs will be retroactively applied to your existing Experiences to help with indexing as well.

Additional Platform Optimizations

  • Groups/Ungrouping Layers in Smart Groups: Previously, if you grouped and ungrouped content into Smart Groups more than a few times in the Studio, the platform would freeze up. Now it behaves nicely.
  • Publishing Copied Experiences: Before, if you copied an Experience, changed the title, and tried to publish the copy, the Studio would throw an error. That error has been resolved.
  • Throttled Connection Performance: Prior to this release, mobile devices experiencing network throttling (when your device gets kicked down to 3G) would have trouble displaying animations.
  • Meta Keywords: You may notice that the Meta Keywords field is no longer in the Settings panel. That’s because meta keywords haven’t been relevant for SEO in a long, long time. 🙂

Share Your Feedback

Have a great idea for a new feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.