December Release 5.62: Bug Fixes

We’re back! And while we ate turkey and drank holiday cocktails, we also fixed some bugs.

Here’s what was fixed…

  • Android Video Controls: On Android and iOS devices, video controls were misplaced and the wrong size. We’ve fixed the issue for Android and are working on a fix for iOS. We hope to fix iOS in our next release.
  • Hotspot Hover Deactivation: We noticed Hover interactions were not properly deactivating for rotated Hotspots and Hotspots created with the Pen tool. This is fixed, so Hover interactions will deactivate when the mouse leaves the bounds of the Hotspot.
  • Embed Code for Multi-page Experiences: If creating a multi-page experience with varying page heights, only a Scrolling embed code should be available to copy. Because of a bug, users were able to copy a faulty Full-height embed code.
  • Shown then Hidden Objects Don’t Fully Disappear: Some iOS users noticed remnants of hidden objects stuck in their experiences. We’ve fixed the issue for iPhone 7+ Safari, but are still investigating other iOS Devices and browsers.