December Release 5.36: Optimized Experience Loading and More

During this busiest season of the year, we’re reminded that every second counts, whether it’s waiting in line at the store or waiting for a web page to load.

In the spirit of time savings, we’ve rolled out a few key new features and platform enhancements so that creating content in Ceros is even more seamless and your live Experiences load faster than ever.

Optimized Image Loading Option

You can select an “Optimize Loading” option in Settings to load lower-resolution versions of your images first, and then swap in full-resolution ones once they’ve downloaded. This dramatically reduces the perceived load time for your content consumers.

Noscript HTML Image and Text Data

To improve search engine indexability, all of your image links, alt tags, and text components are now automatically added to the Noscript HTML section of your Experience.

Cut and Paste Shortcuts

You can now use regular cut and paste commands on objects and layers in the Studio instead of having to use a menu.

Guide Toggle Hotkeys

Press command ; (or control ; on a PC) in the Studio to toggle guides on and off.

LinkedIn Sharing

You can now share experiences on LinkedIn via the default sharing menu or via an interaction.

Additional Platform Optimizations

  • Font Explorer Data: Currently, the Font Explorer player downloads a list of data about every possible font when you load an Experience. To speed up load times, it now only downloads data about fonts used within the Experience.
  • URL Parameter Bug Fix: Query parameters without a value (e.g, ?content) and fragment identifiers (e.g. are now treated correctly instead of garbling the URL.
  • Google Analytics Path Data: Instead of sending the full Experience URL to Google Analytics, we now only pass through the path on pageviews.

Share Your Feedback

Have a great idea for a new feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback via our chat widget within the Studio any time.