Video: Smart Groups

Smart Groups allow you to group items together and display them on multiple pages.

Creating a Smart Group

To create a Smart Group, select one or more layers and press the Smart Group icon Smart Group in the bottom of your Layers Panel. You can rename the new group by double-clicking on the layer. Once you’ve created your Smart Group, you can scale, rotate and animate as if it was one object.

Smart Group Gif

To use the Smart Group on other pages, simply copy and paste it using the keyboard shortcuts ⌘+C (ctrl + C for PC) and ⌘+V (ctrl+V for PC).

Editing Your Smart Group

Double-clicking any Smart Group brings you into editing mode. Any changes you make will update on every copy of the group. After you’ve finished making changes, click the green Studio button or double-click outside the group to return to the Canvas.

Adding Interactions to Smart Groups

Most interactions work exactly the same way inside a Smart Group. One exception is showing and hiding layers. This action can only target other layers within the group. Otherwise, it might try to show a layer that isn’t on the current page.

Pinning a Smart Group in Place

Any Smart Group can be pinned into place so it stays put when you scroll up and down. To pin a Smart Group, select it, then go to the Layout Tab on the Inspector Panel. Choose “Pinned Position” and your Smart Group will stay in its current place on the canvas even when you scroll. This is indicated by a green outline and a little push pin in the top left corner.

Now we can scroll up and down, and the menu stays right where we put it.

long-scroll-with-pinned objects

Note: when embedding an experience on your website, pinned objects will only work when selecting the “Scrolling” embed code.

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